Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fixie the Couger

Fixie the cougar works on cars, trucks, vans and any other vehicles. Sometimes he even fixes bikes. You might be wondering why he is smiling so much. He just fixed a truck that was broken on the side of the road. There was an old lady lion driving and she was stuck in a ditch. She called Fixie the couger to come and help since his shop was close. Fixie fixed the truck and saved the day. 

Fixie is cousins with Rowdy the Panther.

I Wonder What In The Word Cola Is?

 Somebody threw this bottle in the trash can and they only drank a sip so he took it from the trash can and ran. This little guy wants to know what in the world coca cola is. He shook the bottle and then took the cap off so the bubbles came out.

3d and shadows

I looked at other pictures to learn how to do these from google.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Rowdy the Panther

He's tired and you can tell by the eyes. His shirt is ripped. His pants are ripped. His shoes are coming apart. He had them for a million years. His shoes don't Match because he went to a public store and people tried to chase him out so then he just grabbed two shoes off the shelf and left. He might be related to the pink panther and his real name is blue panther. He has tons of friends and they all live in trash cans, Zoos, jungles and mountains.